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  • Please educate yourself about Brittanys. Brittanys aren’t for everyone. If you’ve never met any, we’ll be happy to help you do that so you can be sure that this is the breed who would best fit into your family.

  • Look at the dogs on our website. It probably makes most sense to look at the ones in the states around you first. Those are going to be close enough for you to visit with before making a choice and they will be the easiest to transport after an adoption is finalized. But you are not limited to those dogs. We are looking for the best home for each of our dogs. If the best placement is several states away, we’ll find a way to make that happen.

  • Talk to the person listed as the contact for any dog you’re interested in. This will be the best way for you to find out if this dog may be the one you’re looking for and for the foster person to see if their dog may meet your expectations.

  • Complete the online adoption application. Even if you don’t find a dog you think might be a fit right now, the adoption application will give us information we need to help you find the right dog.

  • The adoption process includes an interview, a home visit and a reference check with your vet. It’s possible that the foster person you’re working with may conclude that you would be a wonderful adopter - but not for the dog they have.

  • ABR and all our resources will be available to adopters for the life of their dog. If problems or concerns arise, we will do everything possible to assure a favorable outcome.

  • If you are not able to care for your adopted dog any longer, ABR will take him back and find him a new home.